Share Analyses - Not Data.

Privacy Respecting ANAlysis of Distributed patient health DATA (PRANA-DATA)

Why this project?

Patients want to use personalized services while keeping their data private

Researchers need access to statistically relevant yet privacy-sensitive data

Companies wish to obtain aggregated patient statistics while complying with privacy laws

We need to "shift the discussion from 'big data versus privacy' to 'big data with privacy'" - Enisa

Outcomes (2017)

What is the current state-of-the-art? (literature survey)

How to bring your research to the data? (demo of the personal health train)

How to keep your data encrypted during the analysis? (demo for a patients-like-you case)

What do patients/end-users think of our approach? (user study)

How to set-up a personal locker for quantified self data? (report)

What is the best way forward? (outcomes stakeholder workshop)

PRANA Partners

This partnership is funded by COMMIT

PRANA Advisory board

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